At a point in my life when I had trouble seeing what was next for me, I started my life coaching journey with Bridget Hill. I was hopeful, but frankly skeptical. Three months later, I find myself amazed. Bridget is skilled and intuitive, able to see the bits hidden behind and between words, yet she's careful, too. For me, she gently posed incisive questions, allowed me however long I needed to respond, and then she truly listened with both her intellect and her heart. She helped me remember who I am and what's most important to me, and together, we figured out next steps. Now I feel like I'm moving forward again! Thank you, Bridget. 


In May of 2015, I suffered two traumatic deaths within 23 days of each other.  When I could not pull myself out of a terrible depression, I contacted Bridget Hill, CPCC, ACC of Tranquil Waters Life Coaching.  I had tried “traditional” therapy with little improvement. 

Bridget helped me by guiding me through the grief process.  I now understand my grief will never “go away” but I am able to control my reaction(s) to it, especially during anniversaries and unexpected times when it seems to creep into my life and try to take a firm hold again.

As a result of my coaching with Bridget, I was able to re-join my family, friends, and co-workers on this journey called life.  I do not try to hide my sadness when it needs to be out in the open, but I am no longer hiding from everyday events.  I am living life to its fullest, as my deceased loved ones would want.

One thing I liked was our phone call appointments versus an office visit.  With a very busy schedule, it was awesome to be able to call Bridget at my scheduled time and know she would be there.  (It was also nice that I could reach out throughout the week via messaging, if I was in crisis mode).

I found the experience to be life-changing.  It may sound cliché, but I truly am not sure where I would be today had I not had the amazing experience of working with Bridget as my Life Coach.

I would recommend Bridget to people who need someone who truly understands how to help a person who is grieving.  Bridget cares about her clientele in a way that is just not able to be put into words.  She will be able to help you heal just like she did me.